I Call Audibles.Do You?

Don't want to be nowhere but here,nowhere in this atmosphere.I'm good where I am.
Apr 01

Starting Fresh.

Hey there hey!

So recently a lot of stuff has gone wrong. My school life,social life,family life,personal life,just everything. I don’t want to sit and complain,and not make a difference so I’m going to make a difference.

I’m too young to be the way I am. Physically,mentally,and spiritually.

I need to find myself,and be at peace with who I am. So I am. I’m going to start fresh. Deleting this Tumblr,and starting a solid blog. I’m going to really put effort into EVERYTHING I do. I have a lot of potential to be a lot of things. I need to do just that.

So I guess this is good bye.

If you want to find me let me know via Twitter,Facebook,AIM,or BBM.

Bye everyone !

Twitter - IShoutAudibles

Facebook - Danielle Concepcion

AIM - IShoutAudibles

BBM - 269392D8

EDIT* I do have a new blog now. If you do want the link,if I’m not following you already,feel free to contact me. If not,it was nice following you on this one. =)  

Jan 18

martinyourbro said: It do be like that sometimes.

it does man.

it does.

And I’m not just fucking anyone,so I don’t have anything to hide.

Jan 17

martinyourbro said: You ever fuck with the lights on?

This is the third time I answer this bullshit. Tumblr doesn’t want to post it -_-


Yeah I have.

I couldn’t wait for the light to be turned off.

I had to do what I had to do.


nomore-ahlexandria-deactivated2 said: What do you consider of great value in your life currently?

I’m going to answer this with the only thing that I can say no matter what will always hold the greatest value,my Mother. My Mother has been there no matter what,and even when she’s sick, and not feeling her best,she cares for everyone before herself. She can be dying in bed, and her only concern is if I’m hungry after a long day at work. Or how my Dad’s day went. Even when I fuck up, and she finds out things through other sources,she never stopped and said she was mad,or judged me. She just always hoped I knew what I was doing. I can look to my Mother for guidance and reassurance. My Mother is not young like other Mothers,but that’s because she’s my Grandmother. She considers me to be her daughter,and never throws it in my face that my biological mother didn’t want me. She’s my backbone,and I make sure she knows she’s appreciated. Especially because I know a lot of people with mothers who don’t care. My Mother is the only thing that keeps me alive and humble. When I wake up in the morning and I feel like the world is against me,my Mother reminds me she’s by my side to fight back. She’s all I have,all I want,and all I need.


nomore-ahlexandria-deactivated2 said: http://caegreen.tumblr.com/post/2796897607

this is why i love you.

Jan 13

cassidyfckyoblog-deactivated201 said: thank you!
very tru u not blunt being anon right haha

Lol. You’re welcome ! 

Hey are you still going to Hudson?

Jan 12

nomore-ahlexandria-deactivated2 said: Where'd you get that phatty from son?!

WalMart. It cost like twenty beans. I hear if you buy it through the tube they throw in a second one for free. I just couldn’t wait.



lala-zombie-deactivated20110707 said: <3 !@#$%^&* ♥

because i love this human being. and never ever want to let her go .

Jan 11

solidoneblog said: Yay!!! I want to see you!!!

Jerry <3 

We can make this happen !


solidoneblog said: Hey! When are you going to visit florida? =)

Actually,I’m thinking soon. My best friend lives out there,in Clermont. So I’m aiming towards June.


neeshdageek said: lol tell your mom i'll come see her on my day off next week.
which will probably be Wednesday.
if i have a day off at all.

that’s my day off too. 

we’ll arrange something.


neeshdageek said: my mom said to tell you hi.
then she told me to yell at you bc she hasnt seen you in a while.

You know what,tell your Mom she’s right. I will go visit her soon. But she has to promise to tuck me in,again. 

My Mom also says hi,and to tell you that you don’t need me here to visit. So she’s basically saying hurry and come over.

Jan 10

godmustbeaboogieman said: It looks soft.

my hair? i know. it is.

the trick is to sleep with it in a braid,and apply a tad bit of spray from the roots the start of your nape.

you’re welcome boo ; ]

Jan 06

Anonymous said: Thank you! I'll be back for more nice lady :)

okie dokie <3


Anonymous said: I just felt like it :)

well then,okay. muah right back at cha !

*i’d still like to know who you are though.